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Explore and survive on an alien planet with your friends by building, crafting, hunting. Be part of the community and join the effort together to discover the secrets and leave your mark in the world to stand the test of time. All while the environment changes around you. Set on an ever changing world shaped by players' actions, you have the immense power to leave a mark on the environment while it evolves with you and challenges you to adapt to it. The universe will develop by itself and players will have a part in its shaping and unfolding. Players will have the ability to join the effort by building huge monuments that will require the collaborative effort from everyone to be able to be completed. If the player goes offline, things will keep going on in the world, for example if the player planted some crops and goes offline the next day once the game synchronises with the server the crops will grow and he might be able to come and harvest them right away. There might be a Log telling the players what might have happened during the time he was away. The player always gets surprised when he comes back in the game, it’s never exactly how he left it. The players will also be confronted by unpredictable hand crafted events which will uncover the different paths for the story and lead them through in-game narratives using the strengths of the medium without reliance on cut-scenes.


What we always wanted to do was to work on games that had a strong narrative that could be told by its environment. We want the world to be a dumping ground of player constructions. It should feel like you missed an amazing battle and you’re just looking at the remnants of what happened. We created this game during the corona outbreak out of escapism. We wanted to counter what was happening in the world by creating a colorful relaxing sci-fi game. We wanted people to unwind by playing this game. Our core concept was to have layers of civilization set on a random planet and that each player was going to leave his mark on it. The secondary thing for us was the passing of time and the effect it had on the environment, in that sense players' constructions would decay as well which would make them part of the story of the planet. Our artistic vision pushed us toward Low-poly and to us it is an amazing way to create clarity through simplicity. For us the low-poly style can be seen as a gaming equivalent to minimalism and as huge fans of science fiction we wanted to focus on the fiction and merge the usual complicated universe of scifi with the low poly minimalism to give another perspective to the scifi genre. We want to give players the freedom to draw their way through the environment in any way they wish. If we do it right, we can create in-game narratives using the strengths of the medium without reliance on cut-scenes, dialogue, special effects, and user-interfaces.


  • Environmental Narration
  • Layers of civilizations
  • Coop and worldwide cloud
  • Evolution through cycles


Teaser YouTube

Layers of Civilizations YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "SwissGames Showcase 2020" Switzerland, June, 2020
  • "Canton de Vaud Video game grant" Switzerland, October, 2020
  • "Finalist - Nordic Game Discovery Contest" Nordic Game, November, 2020

Selected Articles

  • "It’s a great looking game with a striking visual style and streamlined and easily accessible take on the survival genre."
    - Alpha Beta Gamer, Website
  • "The low poly graphics and strange planets work wonderfully together. It remains exciting what the developer duo will do with Wild Planet."
    - Indie games inside, Website
  • "We are faced with a possible jewel"
    - Natural Born Gamers, Website

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Wild Planet Credits

Vladislav Lukyantsev
Business & Development, Game design/Art direction

Yilmaz Spyczak
3D Artist, Game Designer

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